Halotherapy at home

Every year more and more people suffer from respiratory diseases. The modern pace of life, especially among the inhabitants of large cities, often prevents people from stopping their work and treating colds and viral diseases correctly.
In addition, the environmental situation is becoming worse over time, which does not affect health in the best way. More and more people are using the method of halotherapy to treat.

What is Halotherapy?
Halotherapy is a method of treatment that does not use any medication. An artificial microclimate is used here, which is close in its properties to the setting of underground salt caves. The room where such a climate is created is called a halo chamber or a halocomplex.
It is proved that halotherapy helps not only in the treatment of serious illnesses but also as a prevention. This method is often referred to as a salt cave, live air or a speleocamera. Of particular popularity is the treatment in people, often suffering from bronchopulmonary diseases, having problems with the skin, and also susceptible to allergic reactions.
It is worth noting that about 95 per cent of people suffering from such diseases as acute and chronic bronchitis, feel the improvement after several visits to salt rooms. It is noticed that this method perfectly removes many inflammatory processes, proceeding with illness.
To reduce the use of medications in bronchial asthma, to extend the remission period, and to reduce the risk of this disease, it is simply necessary to visit the halocamera. People who are allergic to halotherapy are recommended during the flowering of plants. This will reduce the risk of severe consequences and improve your well-being.
Everyone knows how healthy the salt air is to maintain health. The population of coastal areas, as a rule, practically does not suffer from bronchopulmonary diseases. Fresh sea air, due to the saturation of sea salt ions, has a calming and restorative effect on the body, relieves fatigue and stress. That is why visiting salt caves for residents living far from the seacoast is a great way to support the body.

Indications for halotherapy
Thus, halotherapy has a beneficial effect on the lungs, it can ease respiration, and also softens the inflammatory processes occurring during the illness. Visiting salt caves is shown in the following diseases:
Viral illnesses accompanied by coughing;
Obstructive bronchitis;
Chronic bronchitis;
Different allergic diseases of the respiratory tract;
Bronchial asthma;
Bronchitis that occurs due to smoking;

Contraindications to halotherapy
However, halotherapy can not always be used for respiratory diseases. There are a number of contraindications to visiting salt caves:
Heart defects during exacerbation;
Various anemia;
Liver disease;
Kidney disease and urolithiasis;
Ulceration of the duodenum or stomach;
Some stages of hypertension.
In any case, before starting treatment for halotherapy, it is best to consult a specialist.

Halotherapy at home
Halotherapy at home is an excellent option for busy people. There are several ways to organize such treatment. For example, you can buy a special salt lamp. It is made of crystal salt. Such an option does not replace treatment in special rooms, but it’s possible to maintain and strengthen immunity.
Speleotherapy sessions can also be done at home. Every year, the cost of organizing salt rooms is becoming increasingly affordable. Halotherapy at home will reduce the number of trips by doctors, both adult family members and children. In addition, such sessions help reduce the number of medications taken during the illness.
For the arrangement of the speleo-chamber of the house will require a spacious room, the approximate area of which should be not less than 3 meters per person. The main thing is to make this room warm and dry. If you decide to create a real halo camera at your home, it’s best to contact a specialist. They will prompt you to prepare, and also develop an individual project, based on your capabilities.
Having your own halo camera at home, you can have useful sessions at any convenient time. Salt Cave will help to breathe freshly with salty air, which has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, kills harmful cells and has a general effect on the whole organism.

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