Halotherapy – indications and contraindications

Будівництво релакс-приміщень (соляні печери, сауни, хамами, бані тощо)

Halotherapy – indications and contraindications

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Indications and contraindications for speleotherapy (halotherapy)

Speleotherapy is prescribed by a doctor at:
o bronchial asthma;
o chronic bronchitis;

o transdermal conditions, allergic diseases;
• diseases of ENT organs (rhinosinusitis, pharyngitis);
• dermatological diseases (dermatosis, psoriasis, oily seborrhea, eczema, acne and abscess on the body);
• hypertension of degrees I and II.
Also, staying in salt mines reduces a cough, facilitates sputum depletion, normalizes metabolic processes and improves immunity.
In dermatological diseases, an average of 10-15 sessions is prescribed, and in diseases of the respiratory system – 20-25. To fix therapeutic treatment in salt mines and caves in the presence of any disease, it is necessary to hold in them for at least 3 weeks. For a preventive purpose, enough will be and 10 sessions.
In order for the disease to retreat forever, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the established procedure of visiting the procedures and is in the salt room every day. In case of serious illness, it is advisable for patients to undergo speleotherapy several times a year (up to 200 hours annually).
But speleotherapy also has contraindications. So, for example, from speleotherapy it is better to abstain from:
• acute respiratory diseases of viral origin, which are accompanied by high temperature;
• blood loss;
• tuberculosis;
• abscesses of the respiratory organs;
• hypertension of III and IV degrees;
• kidney diseases;
• oncological diseases;
• apparent diseases of the internal organs.
As already mentioned, pregnancy is not a contraindication for visiting salt mines and caves, but in the postpartum period (the first 6-12 months) the therapeutic effect for breastfeeding mothers may not be as strong as anticipated. However, a year after the birth, the hormonal background in the female body is restored, reaching its former “sensitivity” and the positive effect of speleotherapy is again becoming noticeable.
In acute diseases of the teeth, oral cavity and throat, they must be treated in advance.

In any case, speleotherapy should be used only after consultation with the doctor and not guided by their assumptions!


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