Popularity of construction of halocameras

спелеотерапія та галотерапія - різниця

Construction of salt rooms is becoming more and more relevant not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The naturalness of this method and effectiveness is recognized not only by specialists in restorative medicine and speleologists, but also by pediatricians, pulmonologists, allergists, ENTs, dermatologists.

The experience of therapists practitioners in natural speleostationaries and ground salt rooms is studied by state institutes of medical rehabilitation, pulmonology and physiology, and based on the obtained data, methodical recommendations for the maintenance of this treatment method are developed: indications, contraindications, adaptation regimes, correction of reactions to halotherapy, duration of procedures and course treatment, concentration and dispersion of the created aerosol.

Today, the technique of halotherapy (treatment in the conditions of terrestrial salt rooms) offer ykorystovuvaty as a method of conservative therapy for the treatment of pulmonary and ENT – profile hospital. A huge experience of complex treatment of broncho-pulmonary pathology by basic medicamentous preparations in combination with halotherapy (speleotherapy) accumulated by the Uzhgorod Allergology Center and the All-Ukrainian Allergology Clinic. At the moment, Solotvynsky salt mines, based on which were underground departments of the centers, closed for technical reasons, but the possibility of creating therapeutic air in terrestrial conditions is preserved, therefore, a number of clinics have assumed the installation of salt rooms and salt chambers.

The methodology of halotherapy in a hospital environment is somewhat differs from the outpatient method. In stationary treatment, long-term stay of patients in the microclimate of an artificial salt mine is recommended for 15-17 hours, and in outpatient settings from 30 to 60 minutes. The adaptation period is 3-4 days of shortened period of stay in the salt chamber (daytime sleep – 2-2,5 hours), and in artificial salt mine – 2-3 days for 30-45 minutes. In parallel, in the hospital, the basic medical therapy, physiotherapy is used, whereas in the outpatient setting prophylactic courses of halotherapy can be performed without additional treatment. The influence of salt aerosol stimulates the respiratory tract mechanisms, activates the flashing epithelium. Sodium chloride has mucolytic, bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema activity.

The bacteriostatic action of the salt aerosol on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, the change in the balance of the conditionally pathogenic and normal microflora in the direction of improving the biocenosis of the mucous membranes has been proved. To create the microclimate of salt mines under the conditions of the hospital, several methods are proposed – to use the facing of the walls of the wards with salt brine; the installation of a halogenator with a control regimen for correction of the concentration of salt aerosol, as well as the installation of small or portable salt forms of local influence, such as salt lamps and partitions. Such a comprehensive approach allows you to pick up a patient supporting therapy in case of severe or moderate disease course, reduce dosage of hormonal drugs , extend the remission period from several months to several years. And in pediatric practice it is also an effective method of preventing chronic, acute and often recurrent diseases in weakened or often sick children who are on the dispensary’s account.

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