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Будівництво релакс-приміщень (соляні печери, сауни, хамами, бані тощо)

Questions and answers about the salt room and halotherapy

Halotherapy, speleotherapy, speleoclitotherapy are one and the same? Some experts draw a line between halotherapy and speleotherapy, believing that halotherapy is an aerosol method, and speleotherapy is a method of recreating the microclimate of caves.

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What is halotherapy?

Speleotherapy and halotherapy (as a result of the development of speleotherapy techniques) as described and clinically confirmed methods of physiotherapy have received their recognition and spread relatively recently, but the treatment of curative air caves – a long, rich history.

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History of speleo and halotherapy (emergence and development)

The modern concept of the use of natural remedies for health and health care is the most cautious mode of action, without abrupt and stressful interference with the natural processes of the body (except, of course, when necessary).

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Halotherapy – contraindications

Contraindications for treatment in the halochamber: o Acute period of the disease of the bronchopulmonary system, accompanied by high body temperature, intoxication, haemoptysis o Transmitted pulmonary tuberculosis with residual multifunctional changes o Transferred abscess lung with residual effects

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Treatments in the salt room

Salt procedures Wellness courses for halotherapy can be conducted for children and adults in the mode of 30-60 minutes in a salt room daily for 7-10 days. Such courses are a good means of raising the immunity, improving the functioning of the respiratory system, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

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Speleotherapy and Halotherapy – what’s the difference

Speleotherapy and Halotherapy: Two different methods for the same purpose Speleotherapy is one of the methods of physiotherapy, which includes exclusively treatment in the environment (in salt mines and caves). Recently, increasingly popular was the creation of artificial climatic conditions in special salt rooms in hospitals and sanatoriums, but this is a completely different branch…
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Speleotherapy for children

Most of the allergic ailments in children develop as a result of unfavourable environmental environment, in particular, pollution of the atmosphere.

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Speleotherapy in pediatrics

The biological effect of speleology on the human body is a multifaceted, multifactorial phenomenon. It is a complex type of treatment, in which the body of the patient manifests the influence of physical factors (temperature, humidity, gas composition), and psychological impact (sense of isolation from the “aggressive” environment).

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Salt Room Rules (Halocameras)

The choice of a specific course of halotherapy can be made on the basis of general recommendations developed for various age groups and various diseases. The first course can be adapted depending on the dynamics of positive changes. The following courses are conducted in accordance with the already acquired experience.

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The principle of operation halochambers

Halo-generator provides supply of air, saturated with fine salt particles and consists of 5 parts: air flow multiplier; chopper (motor drive); mixer (container, filled with salt to be chopped); airline to salt room; halo-generator control unit. Air flow multiplier

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