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Будівництво релакс-приміщень (соляні печери, сауни, хамами, бані тощо)

Rate procedures in the salt room

Health improving halo-therapy may be administered for children and adults 30-60 minutes in salt room per day within 7-10 days. Such treatment is the good way to boost immunity, to improve respiratory system, cardiovascular and nervous system functioning. It has relaxing, calming effect, helps people to overcome the state of chronic fatigue and depression.

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Diseases with which Halotherapy helps to cope

PHARYNGITIS Pharyngitis – is an inflammation of pharyngeal mucosa. Usually, pharyngitis itself is not considered to be serious disease, however, quite often it is the pharyngitis that gives start to catarrhal diseases, and at the same time, chronic pharyngitis may become an unpleasant complication of various respiratory diseases.

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Treatment and prevention

With the modern rhythm of life, falling out of workload for even a couple of days means losing a lot. How annoying, when this happens from the reasons that are beyond our control – the ubiquitous viruses. At first, the child brings the disease from the children’s team, then relatives, taking care of the baby,…
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Alternative to the sea: de zdorovti ditinu in Rozhschy?

To the editorial office of the District. A letter has been received from Lzhyshiv: «Доброго дня, редакціє! Наступила літня пора року, канікули. Звертаюся до вас із такою проблемою. Моя чотирирічна донька часто хворіє на бронхіти і лікар щоразу радить поїхати та подихати морським повітрям. Прикро, але сьогоднішній стан в державі, зокрема заробітні плати простого пересічного…
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Construction of salt rooms, artificial salt mines in Volyn in Lutsk, as well as in other regions of Ukraine

The construction of salt rooms, halocameras (from “halos” – salt), artificial salt mines in Lutsk in Volyn, as well as in other regions of Ukraine, is a relatively new service in the market of our country. Many existing construction companies and organizations suggest using salt as a natural facing material , indicating her healing abilities.…
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штучний клімат соляних кімнат

Розробка штучного макроклімату соляних печер

Наступним кроком у вдосконаленні солелікування (галотерапії) стала розробка наземних лікувальних приміщень, в яких створюється штучний мікроклімат, близький за параметрами до умов підземних лікарень.

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