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Будівництво релакс-приміщень (соляні печери, сауни, хамами, бані тощо)

Microclimate of the salt room for the bronchopulmonary system and upper respiratory tract

In order to further develop and improve the method of halotherapy, a special clinical, laboratory and functional study of patients with diseases of the bronchopulmonary system and upper respiratory tract was conducted. The study group consisted of 164 patients: 44 men and 120 women aged 18-68 years old (mean age 44 years).

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Halotherapy. History of development and application results

Speleotherapy is the basis of the emergence of halotherapy. The use of natural factors for the treatment of diseases has long been known to mankind. But the rapid development of pharmacology and industrial production of medicines put forward drug treatment.

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спелеотерапія та галотерапія - різниця

Популярність будівництва галокамер[

Будівництво соляних кімнат стає все більш актуальним не тільки в Україні, а й за кордоном.

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Efficiency of halotherapy for human health

The efficiency of halotherapy (salt cave) in correction of functional state of human health The health and efficiency of humans in many the respects depend on the state of the respiratory system. In this regard, studying the corrective effect of halotherapy on the cardiopulmonary resuscitation system is very relevant.

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Halotherapy – indications and contraindications

Indications and contraindications for speleotherapy (halotherapy) Speleotherapy is prescribed by a doctor at: o bronchial asthma; o chronic bronchitis;

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Halotherapy is a terminology

In modern medical and health practice, a large number of terms are used to indicate the procedures for staying in the atmosphere, a similar environment of caves or salt mines:

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Halotherapy – about the procedure

Halocamera (Speleocamera) is a special room, the walls, the floor and ceiling of which consist of blocks of salts of ancient marine sediments aged 1.5 billion to 300 million years.

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Questions and answers about the salt room and halotherapy

Halotherapy, speleotherapy, speleoclitotherapy are one and the same? Some experts draw a line between halotherapy and speleotherapy, believing that halotherapy is an aerosol method, and speleotherapy is a method of recreating the microclimate of caves.

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What is halotherapy?

Speleotherapy and halotherapy (as a result of the development of speleotherapy techniques) as described and clinically confirmed methods of physiotherapy have received their recognition and spread relatively recently, but the treatment of curative air caves – a long, rich history.

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History of speleo and halotherapy (emergence and development)

The modern concept of the use of natural remedies for health and health care is the most cautious mode of action, without abrupt and stressful interference with the natural processes of the body (except, of course, when necessary).

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