Efficiency of halotherapy for human health

Будівництво релакс-приміщень (соляні печери, сауни, хамами, бані тощо)

Efficiency of halotherapy for human health

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The efficiency of halotherapy (salt cave) in correction of functional state of human health
The health and efficiency of humans in many the respects depend on the state of the respiratory system. In this regard, studying the corrective effect of halotherapy on the cardiopulmonary resuscitation system is very relevant.

The most important task of modern preventive medicine is the search for and use of non-medicated methods for the correction of functional changes in the physiological systems of the organism. One of these methods is halotherapy, which uses a relatively stable micro climate of salt caves, which differs from the usual for the patient. Factors of this microclimate, influencing within the limits of a homeostasis, carry out a kind of complex external influence on the human body.
The term “homeostasis” was introduced by S. Zontman and D. Ehrlich in 1943 to indicate the stimulation of an organism’s system by external influences that have strength, not sufficient for the manifestation of harmful factors. Increasing the dose of an external factor within certain limits stimulates the compensatory-adaptive mechanisms of the organism and adapts its functions to new conditions. As a result, halotherapy acts as a trigger for mobilizing the body’s protective forces.
In order to study the effect of halotherapy on a healthy body, 23 people were examined, at the age of 17-19 years. Investigators were in the “salt cave” 10 days for 2 hours a day in the afternoon. To study the influence of halotherapy on the respiratory system, FZD parameters were determined by methods of spirography and pneumothachometry.
The results of the study are processed using descriptive statistics. Based on the data obtained, the following major changes in the parameters of external respiration can be noted. Patients had a significant increase in ERV by 0.39 liters. FVC in all groups tended to increase. Also, an increase in FVC% from an appropriate 14% compared to the original values was noted. The Tiffin index after the course in the “salt cave” has increased, its value has increased by 12%. Thus, halotherapy has a beneficial effect on the state of bronchial potency. An increase in the percentage of FEV25-75% to an appropriate magnitude of 11% was noted. Consequently, the bronchodilation process affected large bronchi. FEV25-75%, reflecting the status of small bronchial tubes, tended to increase.
Thus, in healthy people aged from 17 to 19, the microclimate of the salt chamber stimulates the compensatory adaptive mechanisms of the organism and adapts its functions to new conditions, potentiates the reconstruction of the functional system of external respiration, causing positive changes, indicating an increase in reserve capacity of the organism.

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