Questions and answers about the salt room and halotherapy

Halotherapy, speleotherapy, speleoclitotherapy are one and the same?
Some experts draw a line between halotherapy and speleotherapy, believing that halotherapy is an aerosol method, and speleotherapy is a method of recreating the microclimate of caves.

In fact, in all cases, it is considered that the environment inside the room should be the same as in underground caves. The main factor of healing and health effects in the caves is the air containing salt aerosol. In the rooms that reproduce the climate of underground health resorts, the airspace containing salt particles is created first of all. Other parameters of the air environment (temperature, humidity, etc.) play an auxiliary value.
The confusion of terminology confuses patients, but it is only necessary to know that all methods (as if they do not want to be shared by others) are based on one physical phenomenon.
natural salt
natural salt
Salt physiotherapy can be found under the names:
• Halotherapy
• speleotherapy
• speleoclimatic therapy
• Silvinitis therapy
• Salt therapy
• Silvinitis speleotherapy
The rooms in which the procedures for halotherapy are performed are called:
• saline room
• salt cave
• Salt chamber
• Silvinit room
• Silvinit Cave
• Silvinit camera
• Halocamera
• the hallway

BUT – usually, a speleocamera means a room faced with salt blocks, without the use of an aerosol.

Why do the walls of the room cover the salt?
The salt surfaces contribute to the maintenance of a special microclimate in the saline room with the given temperature and humidity regimes, and also help to maintain conditions in which the microorganism activity is reduced. The salt walls also perform aesthetic functions and create the effect of presence in the cave, isolating the patient from a noisy world. Quietly equal breathing is one of the keys to the success of halotherapy. The atmosphere of comfort and presence in the natural environment positively affects the nervous system and helps to achieve harmony in the psycho-emotional sphere.

Do I need to breathe in a salt room in a special way? Does it make sense to do breathing gymnastics and exercise for deep breathing?
For the healing and therapeutic effect does not require any special breathing. Normal breathing through the nose and mouth, calm, moderate depth will provide everything you need for a successful influence of the salt room environment. The effect of halotherapy is based, among others, on the relaxation principle – breathing should be carried out in a natural rhythm, if possible in an involuntary mode, without accentuating the visitor to the salt room in his breath.
It is possible to recommend those or other breathing exercises with reasonable caution – you can practice light exercises to change the rhythm of breathing or slow breathing only through the nose, but do not practice in the salt room intensive exercises, along with any loads on the respiratory system.

Treatment and prevention of diseases

Can I use a salt room with acute pneumonia?
Physicians do not recommend using the salt room during any acute illness, including pneumonia. Halotherapy is successfully used at the stage of rehabilitation, after the end of antibiotic therapy and stabilization of the patient’s condition. The effectiveness of haloperecars at this stage is based on the anti-inflammatory action of the air of the salt cave.

How is halotherapy for elderly people shown? Does halotherapy have any meaning in improving the quality of life of the elderly?
Halotherapy is shown to people of all ages. To address the issue of conducting sessions in the salt room of the elderly should be guided by the presence of contraindications, which are: acute inflammatory processes, neoplasms, severe forms of heart failure, blood diseases. In the absence of contraindications, halotherapy for the elderly has the same value as for middle-aged people – helps prevent a number of diseases, and above all – diseases of the respiratory system. In the elderly, procedures in the salt room help in normalizing the flow of oxygen in the blood, and especially in the brain. The lack of oxygen in the brain threatens the development of a number of pathological processes, leading to a violation of mental activity and physical activity. Control over full-fledged breathing in the elderly allows you to minimize age-related changes, significantly reduce the pace of development processes of fading functions of various organs.

At the insistence of the doctors, he was thrown to smoke. Immediate problems with the respiratory system began – without a cigarette, I literally choke. Doctors recommended halotherapy. Really help?
Will help denial of smoking causes a complex of physiological and psychological factors that can cause difficulty breathing attacks. Halotherapy helps in the normalization of the respiratory system. For smokers, staying in the salt room contributes to the processes of cleaning the respiratory tract, bactericidal action of the air of the salt room reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria in the respiratory tract, bronchi, lungs. Improving blood microcirculation and restoring local and general immunity helps to overcome the effects of smoking. In addition to the healing effect, halotherapy sessions are an excellent way to relieve stress, to reassure, to put in order the psycho-emotional sphere, which in turn reduces the time of rehabilitation and the transition to a healthy lifestyle.

Does halotherapy help cure an allergy?
Allergy is the most common name of a number of physiological and neuro-psychological reactions of an organism to a stimulus in the external environment, or a substance that has hit the skin, or a product that has fallen into the middle of the body. Allergies are manifested in many ways. And often allergy is not a disease, but an individual feature of an organism that needs to be treated and taken into account.
Halotherapy helps allergic people reduce the frequency and intensity of allergic reactions, as well as reduces the symptoms – skin rash, cough, colds. Staying in a salt room has anti-inflammatory action, restores the natural respiratory process, reduces the risk of infectious complications through activation during the onset of allergy to pathogenic microorganisms. 
The clinically proven effectiveness of halotherapy for patients with bronchial asthma.

Salt room for children

The child went into the garden and immediately began illness. Week in the garden – a month at home. Slaughtered for weeks. Can a salt room help if drops do not cope?
Halotherapy courses for children are shown as prevention of colds and during recovery. The effectiveness of staying in the salt room is confirmed by long-term clinical observations. For weakened children prone to colds, it is recommended to hold a weekly course of halotherapy before visiting a children’s institution. In the event that the disease has already begun, it is desirable to have halotherapy in the recovery period (and only when the body normalizes body temperature). The course of halotherapy for a child 4-7 years in the healing period is 7-10 sessions for 20-30 minutes. In cases of otitis, rhinosinusitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, which occurred in severe form, it is recommended to increase the duration of the course to 15 sessions, and stay in the salt room to 40-60 minutes.

The son’s surgery was done to remove adenoids. We were recommended for the spa treatment, but I have no opportunity to organize it. I read that the salt room also gives good results. Can my child visit this room after surgery?
It is advisable to consult your son’s doctor. But in general, halotherapy is indicated in the case of ENT diseases. The special atmosphere of the salt room has an antimicrobial effect, which helps to heal the surfaces of the respiratory tract, as well as contributes to the restoration of the full functioning of the entire respiratory system. Daily visit to the salt room for 14 days within half an hour may not replace two weeks in the resort on the brightness of impressions, but the effectiveness of the effects on the area of the nasopharynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs deserves to be compared with staying at the spa treatment.


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