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 Salt Room – is a unique non-drug therapeutic and prophylactic. In such a room, the floor, walls and ceiling are covered with salt blocks, which creates a complete simulation of the natural salt cave. This creates a certain microclimate, which has a beneficial effect on the human body.
Salt room is recommended to visit:
– with acute and chronic respiratory diseases;
– with cough smokers;
– for the prevention of colds and flu;
– with problems of leather covers.
The salt room is also a great opportunity:
– to get your own “salt cave” at home in order to improve your health and wellness;
– to get even more loyal customers for beauty salon or fitness center owners.
Your attention is given to photo reviews of the design of salt rooms, halo chambers, artificial salt mines and decoration.In order for the room to have a proper microclimate, its design and equipment should be handled by professionals of EXCLUSIVE ROOM.
EXCLUSIVE ROOM offers a service for the construction of salt rooms and artificial salt mines in Ukraine, Poland, and throughout Europe.
Why construction of a salt cave should entrust us:
– we are engaged in the construction of halo cameras from 2013;
– we can propose a project for any budget;
– prepare budget documentation;
–  individual design to the details;
– advise clients on how to work in a salt cave;
– work guaranteed – 4 years.
Advantages of decorating salt rooms/mines/halocameras with us:
– quality materials;
– quick summary;
– walls are decorated with natural panels of salt;
– we use modern salt sprays (halogenerators), salt lamps;
– decorating of walls;
– possibility to order additional aromatization of air;
– relaxing atmosphere – soft lighting, decoration in the style of natural caves, comfortable sunbeds, musical accompaniment. Order “salt room” from us and in the near future in the list of services of your sports complex, SPA-salon, the medical center will be a new profitable service.
Applications are accepted by phone: +380997086021, 0683376694 (Alexander)
The cost of each room is calculated individually, depending on the wishes of the customer and the cost of the equipment

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