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EXCLUSIVE ROOM offers a service for the construction of salt rooms and artificial salt mines in Europe.

In European countries there are often rooms, the decorative elements of the ceiling of the walls of which are made of foam construction foam and simply dusted with salt. This option is a good contractor proposal to the customer through quick and cheap installation.
But this is not cost effective for the customer in the process of using the room.
Because people who visit such a room can easily damage some decor or the wall (even if they just stick their finger in the wall). And customers are unlikely to want to return to a room where walls are constantly collapsing, many holes or salts have catastrophically had little or no proper effect.
The customer, in turn, will quickly have problems with the room, which will often need renovation.
Therefore, as you can see, there is no profitability: the room will constantly need renovation and it will not create good appearance and physical comfort for the visitors.
By constructing such rooms and repairing them, our company found the right solution that was beneficial for both parties.
The basis of the decorative ceiling of the walls is made of durable material that can be damaged (broken), only by applying considerable (!!) mechanical effort.
The salt on this basis is strong and does not need constant repair, unless, of course, it is not picked up by any sharp and heavy objects.
In reliable and durable versions of salt rooms, half of the walls are usually covered with salt block or blocks. Then the walls are not afraid of any damage from the person.
Of course, such work is not cheap, but in this case, the customer receives a profitable business that will be reliable and durable. All that will need to be done is a small refurbishment every 4-5 years, which will cost relatively little.
And yes, we are almost the only one who gives a guarantee for their work for 4-5 years.

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